Workshop on Standards for Microfluidics, MINATEC Campus Grenoble/France, 6-7 Mar’18

February 17, 2018 in Events

On March 6 & 7, 2018, CEA LETI hosted the 3rd workshop on standards for microfluidics, held at the MINATEC Campus in Grenoble (France)

Henne van Heeren, project partner in the PoC-ID project, was the co-chair of this event.

During the last years, several players in the field of microfluidics have been discussing the possibility of starting a Microfluidics Association with the firm target of working towards formalizing standardisation protocols, processes and guidelines in order to serve the whole industry.

It is our firm believe that this initiative can be successful provided different players from a variety of entities (enterprises suppliers as well as customers, academic, legal…) participate with their specific know-how and abilities.

On behalf of the undersigned, who are the initiators of the Microfluidics Association to be, we ask your help in realising the goals of the Microfluidics Association.

We are looking for volunteers to participate to working groups that will formulate standards and guidelines in the area of:

  • Flow control
  • Testing methods
  • Microfluidic interfaces
  • Modularity

You can choose one or more working groups where you wish to participate. Each group will be led by a working group leader. She/he will organize teleconference meetings in order to assure the progress of the deliverables of each group. The assembly of participants will assess the working group conclusion in standardization meetings.

This workshop will be a great and exciting opportunity for stakeholders from all over the world to join in the discussion of future developments towards the standardization in the microfluidics area and meet in face to face their working groups.

Workshop Co-Chairs:
Nicolas Verplanck, CEA-LETI
Henne van Heeren, enablingMNT

The provisional Steering Committee of the Microfluidics Association:

  • Holger Becker, MicroFluidic ChipSshop, Germany
  • Marko Blom, Micronit, Netherlands
  • Henne van Heeren, enablingMNT, Netherlands
  • Anne Le Nel, Fluigent, France
  • Darwin Reyes, NIST, USA
  • Alexios Tzannis, IMT, Switzerland
  • Nicolas Verplanck, CEA-LETI, France

More information


  • Welcome coffee – 9-9.30AM
  • 9h – 11h: Plenary
    • Official launch of the Microfluidics Association – presentation of objectives and action plan
  • Short presentation of the 4 technological thematics defined
  • 11h-11h20: Break
  • 11h20 – 13h: Collection session on stakes and challenges
    •  Every participant explains what he has identified as stakes and challenges (homework)
  • 13h-14h: Lunch
  • 14h – 16h: Clustering + norms needs
    • Clustering of stakes and challenges (template provided)
    • Identification of the norms needed
  • 16h – 16h20: Break
  • 16h20 – 18h: Norms + Action plan
    • Definition of norms needed and action plan associated (template provided)
  • 18h – 19h: Consolidation animators + secretaries – preparation of restitution
  • 19h : Dinner


  • 8h – Welcome coffee
  • 8h30 – 9h30: Converging and restitution preparation
    • Review and refining of norm proposals and action plans (+ cross-overs if 2 WG per thematic)
  • 9h30 – 10h30: Plenary session : Restitution of 2 groups
  • 10h30 – 10h50: Break
  • 10h50 – 11h50: Plenary session : Restitution of 2 groups
  • 11h50: Conclusion – next steps
  • 12h15-13h30: Lunch
  • 14h – 16h: Visit Showroom and CEA – LETI Health (registration necessary 3 weeks in advance)