PoC-ID Booth at Compamed/ Medica, Düsseldorf, 12-15 Nov’18

PoC-ID is exhibiting at the Compamed event 12-15 November 2018, Düsseldorf/Germany, to present and display the results of the project.

MEDICA, the world’s largest medical trade fair opens its doors in Düsseldorf from 12 to 15 November, 2018. More than 5,000 international exhibitors will present their new innovative products and applications. Many forums, conferences and special shows will feature exciting specialist lectures and discussions that will give you an insight into electromedicine, laboratory medicine, medical technology and diagnostics.

COMPAMED, which is co-located to MEDICA, has become the leading international marketplace for suppliers of medical manufacturing. With more than 50 exhibitors on 700 square meters, the IVAM Product Market “High-tech for Medical Devices” is the largest joint pavilion at COMPAMED.

PoC-ID will be within this IVAM pavilion in Hall 8a. We are sharing a booth with Fraunhofher-IZM, which is located at Compamed Hall 8a, Stand H23.5.

In addition to the booth, we are organising a workshop session within the COMPAMED HIGH-TECH FORUM:

Tuesday, November 13  Session Chairs:
Patric Salomon, enablingMNT GmbH, Berlin, DE

Dr. Erik Jung, Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, DE
Session: A Platform for Ultra-Sensitive Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases – The PoC-ID Project
3:20-3:40 p.m. Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases – The Clinical Perspective Dr. Gerben Ferwerda, Radboud University Clinic, Nijmegen, NL
3:40-4:00 p.m. Microfluidics in Point-of-care: Concepts&Systems and an Approach to Standardisation Henne van Heeren, enablingMNT The Netherlands, Dordrecht, NL
4:00-4:20 p.m. A Platform for ultra-sensitive Point-of-Care Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases – The PoC-ID Project Dr. Tanja Braun, TU Berlin, Berlin, DE
4:20-4:40 p.m. A Novel ultra-sensitive Bio Graphene Field Effect Transistor for PoC-ID Prof. Andrey Tuchanin, FSU Jena, Jena, DE
4:40-5:00 p.m. The Benefits of Using Aptamers and Carbon Nanomembranes in PoC-ID Dr. Axel Vater, Aptarion biotech AG, Berlin, DE
5:00-5:20 p.m. Clinical Testing Results achieved with the new PoC-ID Point-of-care System and Future Perspectives Dr. Marien De Jonge, Radboud University Clinic, Nijmegen, NL


If you are interested in visting us and hear about how our PoC-ID System is performing, please contact Patric Salomon (enablingMNT GmbH) at info (at) poc-id.eu.